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The right to a fair trial is the cornerstone of the American criminal justice system—or at least, it’s supposed to be. What’s on paper doesn’t always get translated into reality. Some defendants are treated differently based on their race, social class, or past history. Other defendants might get their day in court—but how much does that matter if their attorney is unenthusiastic or unprepared about defending them. Bringing about equal justice for all involves real work, commitment and attorneys who are ready to fight for each and every defendant they see. That’s exactly what happens at T. Baker Law.

For over 14 years, T. Baker Law has fought for defendants’ rights at all stages of the criminal justice process, and for change within the legal system itself. We fight hard for that most basic right of all—the right for a defendant to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. 

It’s far too common for society—the very society that makes up juries—to equate a terrible crime with the guilt of the defendant. Crimes of domestic violence are awful, truly a scourge on families that suffer through them. But does that mean every person charged with domestic violence is guilty or doesn’t deserve their day in court? Sex crimes are heinous by their very nature. But is justice truly served by rushing to judgment on the first defendant the authorities file charges against? Or does the rush to judgment only make everything worse. We believe it does.

We further believe that a legal system shows its regard for victims, not by punishing everyone that gets accused, but by truly respecting the rights of the defendant and making it clear that the crime is, in fact, so awful, that only those are truly proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt will be convicted. Some crimes are so bad that no one should be saddled with false accusations or unreasonable suspicion. Fighting to see that doesn’t happen is why defense lawyers exist. It’s why T. Baker Law exists. 

A Metroplex Defense Attorney Who Fights for You

Attorney Tifanee Baker became a lawyer for the right reasons. She wants to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives—especially those who might be marginalized in society. She believes that, while our system has very serious problems, the only way to fix it is to be all-in. Attorney Baker is very much all-in. Whether it’s fighting for change in the system itself, or personally investing herself in the outcome of her clients’ cases, she puts everything she has—the entire body of knowledge accumulated over 14 successful years as a defense lawyer, and all of her energies—into a defendant’s fight for freedom. 

A Prepared & Passionate Lawyer

Strong advocacy is essential to being a defense lawyer. But it must be emphasized that real strength in the legal field doesn’t come from fiery speeches. Perhaps that may be necessary eventually, but true leadership starts with the hard work of legal preparation. 

Every case is different. Every defendant is different. The law and criminal procedure itself are filled with their own nuance. Good defense attorneys start by diligently drilling down into all the important details of a case. When they talk with a prosecutor about a plea bargain, they are prepared. When they file motions with a judge, they have their facts in order. And when they present the defense in front of a jury, they can always appeal to reason first. 

But that doesn’t mean that real passion isn’t eventually necessary. The lawyer who knows everything, but doesn’t believe in their client or their cause can sound empty in front of a jury. At T. Baker Law, we’re not afraid to say that we take our work home with us. Not just the legal homework, but the deep concern for the well-being and future of our clients. Our deep belief in what we do comes across, whether it’s in plea bargaining, a judge’s chambers or in the courtroom itself. That’s why we’re still here after 14 years. And we plan on being here for a long time to come. 

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Tifanee Baker Clients are sometimes skeptical of public defenders, but I advocate for everyone equally.


See What Sets Us Apart
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    I explain the legal process in a clear and concise manner. After all, this is your life, and you should understand exactly how the law affects it.

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    Some people say you shouldn't bring your work home, but I carry my clients and their stories with me. Each one touches me personally.

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    It feels good to win, but it feels even better to win ethically. I've been achieving steady results for eight years without any lies or deceit.


Being a strong advocate doesn't mean being domineering or tactless. The most effective attorneys know that a diplomatic demeanor and a calculated plan go much further in the courtroom. Though shrewd and poised representation is important, it does nothing without strength and fire. When a case gets heated, I'm always ready to go - I've never been afraid of a challenge.

Client Testimonials

    “Tifanee was beyond great when it came to solving my case. She was always prepared and focused to get me out of the situation I was in. I knew I wasn't guilty for the charges brought upon me and she fought to make sure the judge knew that I was not guilty. We beat my case thanks to her knowledge, wisdom, and determination. She will go above and beyond to beat your case.”

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I became an attorney because I wanted to make a meaningful impact. That's what it's all about to me - standing up for one person at a time, no matter their age, color, background, or social status. My heart's always all-in.

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