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Sex crimes are terrible, and the law rightfully allows significant penalties for conviction. What’s not right is that far too often, society rushes to judgment, presuming that the mere accusation of the crime is tantamount to guilt. Defendants in these cases are often abandoned by neighbors, friends, and perhaps even family. This is a perversion of justice, which requires that every defendant, no matter the crime, be presumed innocent until proven guilty. That’s where the work of an attorney who is both compassionate and courageous can make a big difference. 

At T. Baker Law, our Dallas-Fort Worth sex crimes lawyer has over 14 years of experience offering clients sensible legal strategies combined with passionate representation. We serve people throughout the Metroplex area. Call today at (214) 777-5346 or contact us online to set up a consultation. Payment plans are available.

Sex Crimes Defense Strategies

The very nature of a sex crime means that the defendant’s DNA would still be at the scene of the crime. The ability of law enforcement to find DNA in even the tiniest of physical spaces and then match it to a specific person, is something that can also be used by the defense attorney. If a defendant’s DNA isn’t at the scene of the crime, that can certainly be a powerful argument that an accusation is not true. 

Furthermore, even if a defendant’s DNA is at the scene of the crime, it’s well possible that the encounter may have been consensual. Our obligation to offer compassion and sensitivity to victims can never mean that all accusations against any individual go unchallenged. The burden of proof in a case where both parties insist on a different version of events lies exclusively with the prosecution. A good defense lawyer will challenge the prosecution at the very step of the process, always reminding the jury that unless the evidence cited against the defendant is beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury is duty-bound to acquit. 

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Texas

The offenses classified as sex crimes range from rape to indecent exposure. That means these crimes fall at all levels of the Texas legal structure. The lowest charge is a C-level misdemeanor, which results in a fine. At the other end of the spectrum is a 1st-degree felony, where conviction might mean a life sentence in prison. 

What all of these offenses have in common is that the require a convicted defendant to register with the state of Texas as a sex offender. The Texas sex offender registry is accessible to the general public. Registry for even the most minor offenses can hamper a defendant’s ability to get housing and employment, to say nothing of trying to rebuild the reputation in the community. 

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T. Baker Law prides ourselves on bringing a strategic, cerebral approach in the preparation for every case. Emotions, especially on cases like sex crimes, can run hot on all sides, but the best chance for victory often goes to the one who remains calm in a crisis. At the same time, when we stand before a jury and argue for our client’s freedom and reputation, we bring the full force of passionate vigor to our argument. Clients can count on us to be personally invested in the outcome of their case. 

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