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The state of Texas takes domestic violence with the seriousness that it should. Sentences can be severe, and prosecutors aggressive in seeking convictions. That calls for a defense lawyer who will match, and perhaps even exceed that legal aggression, and combine with real passion for the accused. The reality is that not every defendant is guilty, and everyone—no matter what they have done—deserves the vigorous legal defense that our justice system is supposed to ensure. 

At T. Baker Law, our Dallas-Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer has over 14 years of experience offering clients sensible legal strategies combined with passionate representation. We serve people throughout the Metroplex area. 

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Legal Defense Strategies Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence covers a range of crime allegations, including physical, sexual, and psychological assault. The defense strategy will therefore depend on the specific charge and the exact circumstances of the case. Charges of sexual assault might be one person’s word against the other about whether an encounter was consensual. Physical assault, on the other hand, will have clear evidence about the encounter, but there may be a dispute over whether self-defense was involved. 

We can say that whatever the particular allegation, Texas law requires that a crime be done willingly and knowingly. That is, if an action was taken in the heat of the moment with no ill-intent, a jury might be persuaded it was an accident. A defendant in fear for their safety has the right, under Texas law, to act in their own self-defense. 

A defense lawyer may also choose to call character witnesses on behalf of the defendant. Testimony in this regard can be valuable if there is any gray area about what exactly happened and why. 

When Does a Crime Become Domestic Violence? 

What makes an allegation one of domestic violence? The answer is the relationship of the alleged victim to the defendant. 

To be a crime of domestic violence, the alleged victim can be the spouse or ex-spouse of the accused. A romantic partner, current or former, can also be a domestic violence victim. Children or relatives fall under the domestic violence umbrella, as does anyone living under the same roof as the defendant. 

When a crime becomes domestic violence, the potential is there for more severe sentences than if the same crime were committed against someone else. 

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A Dallas-Fort Worth Domestic Violence Lawyer You Can Trust

When a person is accused of domestic violence, they may see their own family turn against them. The defendant, at the hour of this legal battle that will shape the rest of their life, needs to know that their attorney is squarely in their corner, believes in them, and has the know-how to fight for their rights, reputation, and freedom. That’s what we offer at T. Baker Law and it’s what we’ve been doing for over 14 years. 

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