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Theft charges can cover everything from misunderstandings between neighbors to large-scale embezzlement. The penalties for conviction can be anything from a fine to a long prison sentence. Defendants in these cases need to know that their attorney is on top of every detail and fighting for them at every turn. 

At T. Baker Law, our Dallas-Fort Worth theft crimes lawyer has over 14 years of experience offering clients sensible legal strategies combined with passionate representation. We serve people throughout the Metroplex area. 

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Penalties for Theft in Texas

The $1,500 threshold is an important one in Texas law. Once the value of something stolen passes that level, it can be charged as a felony. While misdemeanor theft convictions might result in jail time, felony convictions have mandatory minimum jail sentences. Thefts valued between $1,500 and $20,000 are considered a state jail felony, with a maximum prison term of two years .

If the alleged theft involved between $20,000 and $100,00 worth of property, it can be charged as a 3r-degree felony, which means jail time of at least two years, and perhaps as long as ten. When the value goes up over $100,000, the prison sentence can be as long as 20 years. And thefts of $200,000 or higher? A Texas judge will be obligated to hand down a jail stint of at least 5 years and may sentence the defendant to life behind bars. 

Theft Crime Defense Strategies

The legal defense strategy will vary in each case and the unique circumstances that accompany it, but here are some common approaches:

  • Lack of criminal intent: A person must know that the property did not belong to them or have intended to steal it. A neighbor borrows some expensive technology and neglects to return it. Is this criminal intent or just forgetfulness? It’s the prosecutor’s job to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • Duress: Perhaps someone really was involved in a theft but was blackmailed into taking the actions they did. Invoking this defense does shift the burden of proof—it’s now incumbent on defense counsel to show the jury that the duress was real and the threat the defendant faced was proportionate to the actions they took. 
  • Property was returned: Returning stolen property doesn’t automatically mean charges are dropped. That’s still up to the District Attorney. But it’s certainly a gesture of good faith that can go a long way towards getting them dropped. And if nothing else, it can make a difference in sentencing. 
  • Reasonable doubt: There’s one basic principle in all criminal law cases that defendants always have on their side. It’s the prosecutor’s responsibility to prove that the defendant not only did it, but there is no other reasonable possibility. A well-prepared and aggressive defense attorney should always be ready to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and show the jury alternative possibilities that would obligate them to acquit. 
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