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No state has more registered gun owners than Texas. Guns are lawfully used on a daily basis for everything from hunting to self-defense. Unfortunately, there are cases when there used illegally. A person charged with a gun crime can face sentences ranging from fines to jail to the loss of their 2nd Amendment rights.

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Common Types of Gun Crimes in Texas

The following allegations are ones that defendants in Texas often face:

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Assault is a crime that stands on its own. When that assault takes place in the course of committing another crime (i.e., a theft crime), then it rises to the level of aggravated assault. Add a gun into the mix and you have aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Reckless Discharge

Texas law defines “reckless” as doing something a reasonable person would not do. This allows for a considerable amount of subjective judgment by the Texas jury and the ability of a lawyer to make a persuasive and compelling case for the defendant can become even more important. 

Unlawful Sale

A person cannot sell a gun to a minor, a person with a felony conviction on their record or one who has a restraining order in place against them. 

Unlawful Carry

The person who has a felony conviction within the past five years, or a current restraining order, is not allowed to carry a gun. Texas law also prohibits carrying a gun when over the legal blood alcohol content level limit of 0.08%. 

Common Defenses Against Gun Charges in Texas

The nature of the defense will depend on the circumstances of the crime. If a defendant is charged unlawful sale, then ignorance is a valid defense. Perhaps they didn’t know the person buying the gun had a felony conviction or a restraining order. Character witnesses can play an important role in this defense strategy. 

Self-defense is very common in cases where a defendant had to use their weapon. It’s the prosecution’s job to prove guilt, not the defense lawyer’s job to prove innocence. This basic premise of our justice system can be important in self-defense cases. 

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